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Pregnancy is very crucial phase of women life. Its very important to have healthy and nutritious diet during pregnancy. Eating healthy means you need to include all the food groups in your daily meals. So that all nutrients should be received by following healthy diet.

In case of vegetarian diet we need to include ample variety of food so that all requirements gets fulfilled.

Energy group – energy giving group is basically carbohydrate rich foods which are rice, chapati, breakfast cereals, potato, macaroni, millet and all. We should divide them as per days meals. If sufficient calories are not met by carbohydrates; protein rich food need to compensate that and we might face proteins less in diet.

Protein group – since proteins are building blocks of the body we should ensure good amount and good quality protein intake in diet. Sources are all dairy, pulses and lentils, nuts, certain vegetables like mushroom, peas.

Fruits and vegetables – try to include as much as vegetables and 2 servings of fruits a day. Choose variety. Choose to have natural form more than juices, canned or tinned one.

Fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals. Also soluble fiber which gives relives in constipation, glucose intolerance, maintains blood pressure.

Healthy nuts – nuts are power packed nutrients. High caloric and healthy fat which is a need in pregnancy. DHA and omega 3 fatty acids are very important in child brain and eye development which we need to provide from diet.

Fats, Sugar and honey – this group is basically provide calories but no nutrients as such. Daily requirements for sugar or honey is minimum. So extra intake is always comes with extra empty calories. In terms of fat, we need fat or oil daily 3-4 servings. We need fat soluble vitamins absorption and to maintain cell integrity. Use of combinations are always best.

Fluids – good amount of fluids can be achieved by having good amount drinking water, tender coconut water, soup, smoothie.

Moderation is a key; all food groups should be in moderate consumption. Too less or extra food intake should be avoided.

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