1.Why is the concept of all-day-breakfast high in demand?

Breakfast is generally not a meal that a lot of people consume at a restaurant. However, with the growing popularity of all day breakfast menus, a lot of people have started visiting food joints for this. After all who doesn’t love a pancake, waffle or hash brown at any time of the day. A lot of times, people prefer eating breakfast items like pancakes and French toast for dessert.

All day breakfast has now become a growing trend because people consider it to be a snack item or as an alternate to lunch/dinner. Moreover with the busy schedules people have these days, most people who do not have their breakfast at the right time. They believe that having food from the breakfast menu at 1pm/2pm is a better and lighter food choice that items in the actual lunch menu. People also consider items in the breakfast menu to be healthier since they include milk, fruits, juice, cereals, eggs etc.

2. Do the items/ingredients that are recommended at breakfast hour have the same health benefits if consumed later during the day?

Breakfast items can be consumed for lunch or at a time later during the day. Individuals who are on calorie restricted diet or those who have do not consume meals in a timely manner do follow such practices. However, a breakfast meal may lack some food groups, i.e. cereals, pulses and lentils, meat and dairy, fruits and vegetables and fats & sugar which can cause nutrient deficiency later. This may result in lacking of nutrients from those specific food groups for the entire day.

If these breakfast items are to be consumed at a time other than for breakfast, one must ensure that all food groups are incorporated in the meal and also keep track of portion size, as it should be enough to achieve daily requirement of nutrients.

3. What should be the ideal time to consume breakfast?

There is no specific time that is ideal to eat breakfast. You should time all your meals around your daily schedules. Each person has a different schedule, hence a time that seems ideal for one person may not work for the other. Ideally breakfast should be consumed within 60-90 minutes of waking up, since you are actually breaking a fast with your first meal. Eating later will slow your metabolism and you will end up eating more when you finally get to eating your first meal of the day.best dietician in dubaibest hospital in dubainutrition department in dubai